Sunday, February 1, 2009

WoolfWorld 1.0

Woolf World 1.0 is up and running!. The SLURL is: Virtual Hospital Study (77, 113, 27)

Unfortunately, you can only visit Woolf World inside Second Life—which means downloading the client (program), signing up as a member, building an avatar, and learning how to get around. All of this is free and pretty easy to do, but rather time-consuming. It also takes a certain basic bandwidth and computer capacity.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in Woolf World, here is a brief description and some pictures. We are planning to make a “machinima” or video from inside Second Life which we will post on U-Tube, so people can get a bit of a virtual tour. We’ll post that URL here as soon as it’s done.

The first version of WoolfWorld is composed of one building, a replica of the block of flats on the West side of Fitzroy Sq where the Omega Workshops were located.

When you walk in the front door, you see a replica of the original Omega Workshops show room.

If you turn to the left, you see our large display room, full of objects (mostly furniture), made by applying revised version of Omega fabric textures to furniture, rugs and other objects we made in Second Life. In the back right corner of the showroom is a tranporter mirror which will take you upstairs to the replica of the living room at Monk's House:

In the back right corner of this room, you'll find a door that takes you into a conference room, set up for a larger group of people to meet and talk. There is even a screen for streaming videos.

In February and March of 2009, we will begin revisions to this original construction. We are currently planning to set the Fitzroy block on one side of a city square. There will be a garden in the middle, and other Woolf sites will eventually be built around the perimeter. We hope to build at least a shell of Asham this spring.

Currently we are working on part of an island purchased through a grant for a virtual hospital study by our Architecture program (thus the address in SL). But we are looking around for other grant possibilities that may enable us to move Woolf World to its own island.

If you are interested in visiting WolfWolrd in Second life, having your students visit, having your students collaborate with our students in creating the site, or have ideas of your own to contribute, please join the Friends of Virginia Woolf group in Second Life.